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About KDX

Updated Nov. 6, 2022

KDX is a Home Appliance in the Form of a Radio Station delivering Worldround Radio programming for a private household

KDX is a non-prophet station; secular programs only, no hate, no cults.

KDX AM, FM, SW and coming LW operate under Authorization of the Federal Communications Commission Part 15 of the Rules and Regulations..

The name "KDX" is derived from two standard prefixes from the U.S. radio lexicon: The letter K is the designated call sign for radio stations located west of the Mississippi River;
the term DX stands for "Distance Unknown" in radio communications. Typical use: "What is your DX?" = "Where is the station located (in terms of distance)?"

Regular KDX programming began on June 1, 2007.

KDX streams from a private server in the Internet Building from FEMA Region VII

KDX History

KDX was registered in the mid-70s as a cable FM station, but the local cable franchise failed to develop their FM capacity, so when webcasting arrived the call letters were re-purposed and we began test streaming on March 29, 2007 at 7:20 PM.

The original reason for the KDX venture at internet streaming resulted from a second party request to provide internet radio service, thereby bringing KDX into being as a display model radio station. When it became evident that the other party could stream on their own without need of KDX the display model status gave way to a period of indecision when the future of KDX was uncertain. At that time KDX became an independent experimental radio service until October 17, 2010, when KDX was recognized as the personal vanity station of Carl Blare, replacing dull and bland corporate radio with something more interesting to its listener.

KDX Claimers and Disclaimers

KDX is the project of career broadcaster Carl Blare.
- - Statement of Philosophy - -
I am not Paul Revere out to warn the citizenry.
But the citizenry and I would like to hear what Paul Revere has to say.
- - Carl Blare - 2010
Blare is a member in good standing of the Do It Yourself Culture Society,
founder of the Society to Restore Mediocrity, Diplomat to the Anti Misandry League,
disgraced founder of Home School College, inventor of the solar powered tanning bed,
inventor of tomato chips the only snack food to fail at inception
and recently named Superviser of the Low Power Radio School for Women.

The opinions expressed on KDX are normally those of the expressor, but may not be in accord
with what others know, believe or suspect.
KDX Worldround Radio reserves the right of speaking freely
according to conventional standards and practices within
the broadcast community in general;

KDX reserves journalistic credentials under The Freedom of the Press
specified as an individual liberty in the U. S. Constitution, First Amendment of The Bill of Rights,
and strives for neutral, reasoned and accurate reporting;

KDX is a non-commercial home radio station, which means we receive no remuneration
for programs or announcements heard on KDX. Some commercials may be heard as
part of particular programs, in which case the program's producer recovers production
costs through sponsorship. Also, oldtime radio programs contain
commercials of the time, which are presented for archival interest.
KDX reserves the right to modify its commercial policy within
limits imposed by agreements with program sources;

KDX respects copyright and agrees that creative agencies deserve acknowledgement for their effort,
be that acknowledgement monetary or any form agreeable among parties.
Programs heard on KDX are by permission, Creative Commons License, Open Source, Community Audio, public domain, or other release mechanisms;

KDX Worldround Radio recognizes all human beings as one species
and will not permit prejudice based on race, gender or ethnicity, although the jury is still out on robots and extra-terrestrials;

Station KDX is located in the Internet Building on the campis of Home School College from the Center of North America, FEMA Region 7;

The website known as kdxradio.com started Nov. 9, 2007, copyright (c) 2007-2023 by KDX Worldround Radio and serves as the World Portal and Program Guide for KDX Worldround Radio. As of Thursday, February 23, 2017, the domain name kdxradio_com has been relocated to a private server inside the Internet Building. This Website is declared neither commercial nor non-commercial and reserves the right of future development as it will.

KDX Worldround Origins
Founded in 1959 as a radio production company named Terrestrial Broadcasting, the service evolved into an audio, video, print and most recently streaming radio service. During the 1970s our slogan was The Most Medium Sized Recording Studio in the World. From this stage we stood  Ahead of the Future, until most recently when our mantra became Slow but Better. The original Company is commercially defunct following the death of one partner and subsequent retirement of the other. KDX Worldround Radio continues as a personal home appliance.

Yours through thick,

Carl Blare,
acting lord at large


Programs produced by KDX and Website Contents
copyright 2007-2023 kdxradio.com